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Last updated: 2005-04-28

Free copy of a GNU/Linux / BSD distro

Here is how you can get a copy of a GNU/Linux or BSD distro for free (on your own media).

You need to contact us at TNU (Simferopol) group 301-I (Oleg or George). You can also email to us at <geolsoft at mail dot ru> (that is, '@' instead of 'at' and '.' instead of 'dot').

We would need 1 to 14 blank discs from you (depending on distribution, see below). Or, we could provide you with ones we buy for ourselves.

You would need to call on us again later to collect the recorded discs. That's it.

Distros we have

BSD's, Mac OS X based on BSD GNU/Linucies Other

Where we get the distros

We purchased the distros from Lafox.Net internet shop. (Except Red Hat Linux 8.0 -- we downloaded it in a local Internet cafe.)

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